The Men, The Myths, The Legends

We all remember them, the stories our parents and grandparents told. Some true, some bearing half truths and others that were made up entirely. But what about the stories told that were birthed out of legends and myths? And which ones are the most famous? Here are two of the most famous myths and legends for kids.

1. Robin Hood
Who didn’t love hearing the story of “robbing the rich to feed the poor”. A lovable rogue Robin Hood has all the adventure, romance and thrills that you loved as a kid. Cheer on Robin Hood, the lovely maid Marion, and their band of Merry Men as they battle the Sheriff of Nottingham and his boss the evil Prince John.

2. King Arthur
Where Robin Hood was about fighting back against corruption King Arthur stood as a force of good. The tales of Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table as they protect the kingdom and quest for the Holy Grail have stood the test of time and are inspiring and exciting for all ages.